Verkada muster reports allow you to obtain a report listing all the users currently within an area. You can use muster reports to check that everyone is safe In the event of an emergency.

Mustering / Roll Call Reports allow you to track who is still in the building during a certain period of time. It allows the system administrator to get a report of all individuals currently within a defined area. It is designed to be used in the following scenarios:

  • People accounting during an emergency evacuation or scenario

  • In/Out tracking

  • Attendance purposes

How To:

  1. Navigate to the Admin

  2. Navigate to Access Control

  3. Scroll down to reports

  4. Click on "Muster"

  5. You will see all existing muster reports that have been created, you can opt to run one of them OR click "create muster report" in the top right to create a new report.

  6. When creating a muster report, provide the following:

    1. Name

    2. Site

    3. Time format

      1. You can specify "Hours Ago" (relative time) or "Time of Day"

    4. Start Time: how far back the report should start pulling data

    5. Time Zone

    6. Specify at least one exit door. An exit door is required.

    7. Specify at least one entry door. An entry door is required. Previously selected exit doors cannot be selected as an entry door.

    8. Specify points of contact who should be notified when report is run.

    9. Click done and the report will appear in the list of reports that can be run

    10. Once a report is created, you can preview it or actually run it. When a report is running individuals who badge out at the muster point will be marked safe and individuals can be manually marked safe as well. The report will continue to run in the background until it is terminated. Once the report is terminated, the data can then be downloaded.

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