Adding Notes to a Camera
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Camera Notes allow you to add and organize notes for individual cameras. Easily search for cameras based on their associated notes, and conveniently view camera notes as a column on the Devices page, which can be downloaded as a CSV.

Example use cases for camera notes include:

  • Keeping track of where the device is connected or installed (such as "IDF closet", "floor 2", etc

  • Keeping track of maintenance requests or cleaning schedules

  • Pending activities related to the camera

How to add and search for camera notes

  1. Select Devices from the All Products menu page

  2. Select the camera you want to add or change notes for

  3. Click the textbox next to Notes

  4. Enter the desired note in the field

Once you have added a note to a camera, Command allows you to search for it using the "Notes" field on the Devices page.

Camera notes are also available as a column while on the list view of the Devices page, and can be downloaded as a CSV.


You will need to have the role of Site Admin to change camera notes.

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