Verkada Alerts notify you wherever important events occur on your premises, enabling you to move from reactive to proactive monitoring. In Command, you can set up alerts for a range of camera events such as motion detection, person of interest detection, tamper detection, and camera status. When the event occurs, you can be notified via email or text, so you can quickly review from anywhere.

Creating Alerts

  1. Open the All Products menu

  2. Select Admin

  3. Select Manage Alerts

  4. Select the + New Alert and follow the setup flow

  5. Choose Events: select the type of alert you want to create

    • Device

    • Event

    • Site

  6. Select Recipients: select the users or groups who you want the alert to notify

  7. Set Schedule: set a schedule for when you want this alert to notify users, if left black the alerts will send 24/7

  8. Name Your Alert: give the alert a descriptive name and

    add a description if desired

Viewing Alerts

On the Alert page, you can see why you were notified by an event, who else was notified, as well as the footage related to the event.

  1. Select the bell icon at the bottom left-hand corner of Command

  2. Select Device Events to see all of the events generated for your org

    Note: Events can be filtered by date, device type, device, event, site, user, and the alert that detected the event

  3. Under My Alerts, select an alert you have created to see the events that match that filter

  4. To edit or mute an existing alert, hover over the alert you want to edit or mute, and then click the dots to the right of the alert

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