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Making your First Call
Making your First Call

Steps and procedures on making your first call with Verkada Intercom (TD52)

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The Verkada Intercom (TD52) enables one to effortlessly make calls to receivers. The Command dashboard allows for different configurations to complete calls such as, through a phone number, through a desk station, and, direct to a user (through Verkada Pass App).

This article covers the following topics:

  • Steps to set up your first call

  • Making a call

  • Receiving a call

Steps to set up your first call

In order for a call to take place the TD52 must be already installed and configured. Listed here are the steps required to bring the Intercom online:

  • Intercom must be added to the Command dashboard

  • Intercom must be plugged into a POE enabled switch

  • A door must be paired to the Intercom

  • A receiver must be added

Once the above steps have been completed Intercom is ready to make calls. To test this take the following steps:

  1. Select settings from the upper right hand side of the page

  2. Once on the Settings page either scroll down or select 'troubleshooting' from the left hand sidebar

  3. the troubleshooting section will show a live feed of the intercom camera along with any additional paired camera(s)

  4. press the rectangular button in the middle of the intercom to initiate a call

    1. take note of the volume of the call, the volume of the audio coming out of the intercom can be changed from call settings just above the troubleshooting section of the settings menu

Making a call

Once the Intercom is set up in Command then it is ready to make calls.

To make a call take the following steps:

  1. Press the large rectangular button with the white LED below camera

  2. Once the button is pressed the Intercom will start initiating a call

  3. When the Intercom starts ringing it is attempting to contact receivers listed in the call list

    1. the call list can be found on the 'Sequence' page. Read more here on what the Sequence page and Call Lists are used for

  4. Once the receiver picks up then the call session can begin to take place

    1. the receiver has the option to unlock the door or end the session

Receiving a call

When a call is made from the Intercom it is sent to one of three receivers:

  1. Front desk station

  2. User

  3. Phone number

Front Desk Station

The front desk station acts as a live view receiver that is always on. This type of receiver is typically used at a desk or reception type of environment. Read more here for how to add a front desk station.

Once the station is setup up to four tiles can be added. A persistent live stream from the Intercom camera is displayed along with an unlock icon. The paired door can be easily unlocked anytime before or during a call made to the Desk Station.

Once a call has started then the receiver has the option to unlock the door or end the call at any point during the call.


A user is any individual that has been added to Command. When the receiver is a user then the user will be contacted via their Verkada Pass app. The Pass app can be downloaded here.

Once a call is made then the receiver can see the caller and has the option to unlock the door, speak through the pass app, and, end call at any time.

Phone Number

A phone number can be any standard mobile or landline phone number. Phone numbers that are international can be added in using the appropriate international identifier or the correct country can be chosen at the time the receiver is added.

When a call is initiated from the Intercom to a phone number the receiver will receive a call from a standard number.

  • When the phone call is picked up the call from the Intercom has not yet started, the call will start when either '*' or '#'.

  • If the call is picked up any key can be dialled to unlock the door.

Information on answering a call and the phone number an Intercom will initiate a call from can be found in the settings page.

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