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Intercom Teams Integration

Set up CyberGate for Teams calling with your Verkada TD52 Video Intercom

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You can easily set up calling into Microsoft Teams using the CyberGate SIP gateway, found on the Azure Marketplace.

Subscribe to CyberGate

  1. In Azure Marketplace, search for CyberGate.

  2. Under Marketplace, select CyberGate SIP intercom connect to Teams.

  3. Fill out the subscription form. For Number of users, input the number of intercoms you plan to have calling into Teams, not the number of Teams users.

Configure CyberGate

  1. Navigate to the Azure resource you just created for CyberGate. If you have trouble finding it on your homepage, try searching for the name you defined in your subscription page.

  2. Click Open Saas Account on publisher’s site.

  3. Navigate to the Global settings and add your WAN IP address. You can also enable the following on the Global settings page:

    1. Teams call forwarding

    2. SIP trunk support

    3. TLS enforcement

    4. Teams call recording

Add your device(s) to CyberGate

  1. Click Device > Add Device.

  2. Required. On Add Device:

    1. Enter Display name. This will be the caller ID for this device in Teams.

    2. Toggle on Allow calls from Teams to device to enable talk down from Teams (you will need to enable this in Verkada Command as well).

      Note: it is not necessary to provide an Open-door code. When you want to unlock the door, simply input any number 0–9 in the teams dialpad, as shown below.

  3. When finished, click Add to save your work.

    You should be navigated back to the Device page, where you can see your new device under Directly connected devices. The Authentication Username and Password are used to configure SIP settings in Verkada Command.

  4. At the top of the Device page, click Download to download the PowerShell configuration script. Use this later to enable Caller ID, Talk down, and Teams Call Forwarding.

Configure your intercom(s) in Command

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Intercom.

  2. Select your intercom to configure.

  3. At the top right, click the Settings.

  4. Navigate to your Intercom’s settings > Call > Add account.

  5. Required. Fill out the SIP Account page as follows:

    1. Enter a unique SIP Account Name. The SIP Account Name is used internally for Verkada call events. It does not show up in Teams as the caller ID; instead, the CyberGate device name is used for caller ID.

    2. Domain / Server =

    3. User ID / Extension = Authentication username from the CyberGate Device page.

    4. Password / Secret = Password from the CyberGate Device page.

    5. Make sure your transport protocol selection is either TCP or TLS (UDP does not work).

    6. Save your changes.

  6. Toggle on Auto Answer in the Call section of your intercom settings to enable talk down from Teams.

  7. Navigate to the Receivers tab of your intercom and click the plus (+) icon > SIP Phone. There are 2 options to add Teams users as receivers:

    1. Add an individual user: If the user’s Microsoft email is, type JohnSnow.

    2. Add a group of users: If you want to simultaneously dial several teams users, open the CyberGate configuration portal and navigate to the Multi-ring menu > Add multi-ring group.

    3. Add your users into this group.

    4. Copy and paste the name into the intercom receivers list, as shown below.

Run the CyberGate configuration script

Run the configuration script you downloaded from the Device menu:

  • Enables Caller ID, Talk down, and Teams call forwarding.

  • Can take up to one hour to take effect.

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