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Loss of Network Connection for Intercom
Loss of Network Connection for Intercom

Learn what happens to Verkada Intercom’s functionality during an internet outage

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When a Verkada Intercom loses connectivity, here's what you can expect:

  • If the intercom is in single door controller mode, it continues to run the last known configuration. This means users whose credentials were configured before the lapse in connectivity can still badge in.

  • Local streams established while the Intercom was still online continues as usual, as long as the page is not refreshed.

  • Access and call events are stored locally onboard.

  • When connectivity is restored, the intercom pulls the most recent configuration and uploads the cached access and call events to Verkada Command.

Impact on calling

Verkada Intercoms require an internet connection to place calls with one exception: local Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). If the SIP server is reachable over the local network, then calling functions as usual, even during an internet outage.

Important. Any other receiver type cannot receive calls from, or place calls to an intercom without an internet connection.

Impact on unlocking

If the intercom is operating as a single door controller, or if the unlock output is being used:

  • Dual-Tone Multifrequency (DTMF) via local SIP can unlock.

  • Badging with valid credentials can unlock.

If the intercom is paired to a door in Command that is wired to a Verkada access controller:

  • The Intercom uses cloud unlock and only the badge readers can unlock.

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