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Verkada Access Offline Operation
Verkada Access Offline Operation
During the event of an internet outage, what happens to the AC41's functionality?
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When the AC41 has internet connectivity issues, all access control events are first stored locally on the AC41 and then sent to the cloud once an internet connection is restored. Once the cloud acknowledges receipt, the AC41 will cycle old events off of the device and replace them with new events.

What happens if the internet goes down?

If the AC41 were to lose internet connectivity, the events would all be stored locally until the internet was restored. Even if the internet were to be down for an extended period of time, the AC41 has enough internal storage to endure substantial outages (3 to 12 months depending on the number of events recorded).

Additionally, the AC41 would run the last known configuration that it received from the cloud. In short, any changes made to the AC41 prior to the internet outage would be active. This last known configuration persists even if the controller loses power and is rebooted.

Once internet connectivity is restored, the latest configuration in the cloud is pushed to the AC41, and in turn, the AC41 sends the events that occurred during the outage to the cloud.

How can I tell if the AC41 does not have internet connectivity?

You will be able to detect when your AC41 cannot connect to the internet from either:

  1. The doors page

  2. The device's specific status page.

Real-World Example:

To better understand the offline operation of the AC41, consider the following scenario:

  • Alice is a full-time employee and has been with the company for 2 years. Her badge works on the front door.

  • At 8am: the ISP has a service outage in the area. All of the AC41 controllers are offline but powered on (Status LED would be flashing blue).

  • At 9am: Bob, a new hire, is onboarded. He is given a badge and he is given access to the front door.

  • At 10am: Alice and Bob try to badge into the front door. Alice's badge works but Bob's badge does not.

  • At 11am: The ISP restores its connection. The AC41s are back online, and within seconds they pull the new configuration from the cloud. Bob's badge now works.

A visual representation of this scenario is below:

AC41 offline operation visualized

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