Customize Sites


The Details section contains options including changing the location of your site and changing the default logo of your site.

Scan Camera

Here you can add a camera that can see where deliveries are scanned. Video clips will automatically be generated when a package is scanned to help identify each item.

Pickup Locations

Indicate where employees should pick up their packages, you can also add context cameras to visually identify items and investigate issues.


If desired you can configure site-specific employees. This section enables you to choose who in your organization will be able to receive packages at this site.

In order to add an employee, you can choose one of the following methods:

  • Upload .csv file

    The .csv file must have the following headers, which are case-sensitive:





Example User

[email protected]

+1 650-123-4567

Note: Both the phone and photo columns must exist, however populating values for these columns is optional.

  • Sync with identity provider

Alternatively, if your organization has an existing SCIM integration you can import employees from your SCIM-managed groups. More information here.

Remove Site

If a site is no longer needed as a Mailroom site you can remove it. Removing it as a Mailroom site will not affect your settings in Command.

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