Verkada makes it easy to keep all of your cameras organized by site within your organization. Users can only see cameras in the sites for which they have been granted permission. This allows you to scope which cameras are accessible to each user or group. Because site permissions are broken down into roles, you also have the ability to specify the type of access each user or group has to the cameras within a site (viewer or admin). Please see the article on user permissions for more information.

Newly Added Cameras Site

Newly Added Cameras is a site that only appears when cameras are added to Command. This site is a special container to hold cameras before they are added to sites created by admins. The Newly Added Cameras site will disappear when all of the cameras within it are moved into other sites you create.

Creating a Site

To create a site, click on the Home tab on the left hand side, then click on the three dots in the top right to reveal the Manage Sites option. From here, click Create Site in the top right. Name your site and click Add.

Adding Cameras to an Empty Site

Firstly, click the Home tab on the left hand side and scroll until the empty site is shown. From here, click the plus camera icon to move previously added cameras to this site, or add new cameras. See this page on how to add new cameras. Hovering over a camera and clicking the checkbox located in the top left of the feed bring up checkboxes on all of the cameras. See the next section on how to move cameras.

Moving Cameras to a Site

To move cameras do a different site, click the checkbox in the top left of the camera's feed in the home page. Once the camera/cameras have been selected, a bar will appear at the top of the page. From here, use the Select Site dropdown box to select the destination site to move to, and then click Move camera(s).

Moving Cameras in Bulk to a Site

  1. Navigate to the Home page

  2. Click on the box next to the cameras you wish to move to the site

  3. Click Change Camera Site at the top of the page

  4. Select the site you want to move the cameras to

  5. Click Move to move the cameras


Sub-sites are used to grant permissions to one or more cameras within a site. This eliminates having to create a new site each time you need to scope permissions to one more cameras. A sub-site can be nested in other sub-sites providing a hierarchy of permissions for better access control.

Create a sub-site

To create a sub-site, first click the three dots button located in the top right hand side on the home page, then click Manage Sites. From here, find the site you would like to create a sub-site, then hover over with the mouse and click Add Sub-site on the right hand side. Name your site and click Add subsite.

Delete a Site or Sub-site

Note: You cannot delete a site or sub-site until all cameras and sub-sites have been removed.

Click the three dots button located in the top right hand side on the home page, then click Manage Sites. Find the site or sub-site to be deleted and hover over it with the mouse, then click the bin icon on the far right to delete. Finally, click Delete to confirm.

Permissions for Sites and Sub-Sites

A sub-site always inherits user permissions from its parent sub-site or site. To add additional users or groups, click on Manage Sites and click the shield icon on the site or sub-site to be changed. From here, it is possible to specify either group permission or user permissions by clicking Users or Groups and selecting a role for each user or group.

Sharing a Site or Sub-Site

To Share a site or sub-site with a third-party, firstly navigate to the manage sites page using Manage Sites in the top right of the Home page. Then hover over the site or sub-site to be shared and click the box with the arrow (Labeled as Share Site or Share Sub-Site when hovered over with the mouse). A menu will then open with options to share the site or sub-site, similarly to how cameras are shared. See this article for details on how to share this with a third-party.

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