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Learn how to customize and configure our Verkada Mailroom site

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Verkada Mailroom helps you manage and control the flow of deliveries across all of your facilities, including how to configure those sites.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Mailroom.

  2. On the left navigation, click the Settings (gear) icon.

  3. At the top, click Sites.

  4. Click the dropdown and select the site you want to configure.

  5. Under Sites, you see these configuration settings and what you can do:

    Site Details

    Change the location of your site and change the default logo of your site.

    Scan Camera

    Add a camera that can see where deliveries are scanned. Video clips are automatically generated when a package is scanned to help identify each item.

    Context Cameras

    Add more cameras to keep an eye on your mailroom at all times.

    Pickup Locations

    Where employees should pick up their packages. You can also add context cameras to visually identify items and investigate issues.


    Choose who in your organization can receive packages, which is used for tracking and logging.

    To add an employee, choose one of these methods:

    • Add individual—Manually adding users.

    • Bulk upload CSV—The .csv file must have the following headers, which are case-sensitive:

      Note: Both the phone and photo columns must exist; however, populating values for these columns is optional.

    • Sync with identity provider—Alternatively, if your org has an existing SCIM integration, you can import employees from your SCIM-managed groups. Learn more about SAML/SSO.

    Remove Site

    If a site is no longer needed as a Mailroom site, you can remove it. When you remove it as a Mailroom site, it does not affect your settings in Verkada Command.

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