Verkada Mailroom enables your organization to quickly and securely manage packages that are delivered. Mailroom can also leverage camera feeds to allow you to see when a package was delivered, scanned, or picked up.

General Setup

Once a Verkada Mailroom license has been activated in your organization, a Mailroom tab will appear on your home page. Click on this tab to begin setup:

This will open in a new tab and display several different options for Mailroom management. Let's start by selecting the settings button on the top left-hand side and selecting General Settings. This will open the general site page, which has the following options:


The account page allows you to manage the company name and logo & colors. These settings will provide the default values for all Mailroom sites.


The sites section is used to convert pre-existing camera sites into Mailroom sites. Once a Mailroom site is created, you will be redirected to a site configuration page.


This section enables you to choose who in your organization will be able to receive packages, which is used for tracking and logging.

In order to add an employee, you can choose one of the following methods:

  • Upload .csv file

    The .csv file must have the following headers, which are case-sensitive:





Example User

[email protected]

+1 650-123-4567

Note: Both the phone and photo columns must exist, however populating values for these columns is optional.

  • Sync with identity provider

Alternatively, if your organization has an existing SCIM integration you can import employees from your SCIM-managed groups. More information can be found here.


This section allows you to choose how users will be notified when a package is delivered. Currently, email, SMS, and Slack notifications are supported. More information on configuring notifications can be found here.

Users & Roles

This section displays a list of Mailrooms users and their associated roles.

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