To add additional security to a door you can require both a key card and an entry code to gain access. This type of two-factor authentication can only be added to doors that include both a badge reader and a keypad.

Enabling Card + Code on a Door Schedule

  1. From the Access tab on the Home page, select the door you want to configure Card + Code on

  2. Select the Schedules tab

  3. Select Change to adjust the existing schedule on the door or to make a new schedule

  4. Set the times you would like to have Card + Code enabled on the door, then select Card + Code Entry from, the Door Status drop-down menu

Enable Card + Code for a door exception

  1. From the door's Schedules tab, select Add Exception and either select an existing exception or create a new one

  2. Set the times you would like to have Card + Code enabled on the door, using the v to change between an Unlocked time and a Card + Code time.

Using Card + Code to Unlock a Door

First, a user must have credentials for both a card and a pin code. This can be configured by following the steps below:

  1. Select the Admin page in the left-hand menu

  2. Select the Access tab then choose Access Users

  3. Search for the user you want to update credentials for

  4. Under the user's Profile, next to Entry Code enter the desired code and it will autosave

If a Key Card is not already added, you can add one by following this document.

Note: When unlocking a door, the card or fob will need to be scanned on the reader before the pin code is entered.

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