Most Verkada cameras come equipped with an on-board microphone, which is disabled by default. Users with Admin permissions can enable audio. When enabled audio will be available for live streaming and historical footage.

Note: Audio is incompatible with People Analytics. You will not be able to enable Audio if People Analytics has already been enabled on the camera. Audio will take 20 to 30 minutes before it will be available for historical footage.

Enable Audio

  1. Select a camera

  2. Select InfoSettings → Device

  3. Toggle the Enable camera audio (the camera will reboot)

  4. Audio will be recorded onwards from the time it's activated

Listen to audio on live video

  1. Select a camera that has audio enabled

  2. Click the audio button on the camera control bar and move the slide up and down to set the volume

Live audio is not available for CM61

Listen to audio on historical footage

  1. Select a camera that has audio enabled

  2. Scrub to historical footage

  3. Use the volume slider tool in to adjust the volume

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