Enable and Listen to Audio
Steps to enable audio so you can record sound
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Most Verkada cameras come equipped with an onboard microphone, which is disabled by default. Users with admin permissions can enable audio. When enabled, audio will be available for live streaming and historical footage going forward.

Please note: After enabling audio, you may need to refresh your page to see the unmute icon appear. You may need to wait 10-15 minutes for new historical footage to contain audio.

Please note: Audio is not available on the D50, D80, CH52-E, Bullet Series, and CM41-S.

Enable Audio

  1. Select a camera

  2. Select the Settings tab

  3. Under Device toggle Camera Audio. This will cause the device to reboot.

Please note: Audio will be recorded going forward from the time it's activated.

Listening to Audio on Live Video

  1. Select a camera feed that has audio enabled

  2. Click the audio button on the camera control bar and move the slide up and down to adjust the volume

Listening to Audio on Historical Footage

  1. Select a camera that has audio enabled

  2. Search for the footage you want in the historical data

  3. Use the volume slider tool to adjust the volume

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