Your Command cloud service software licenses include unlimited storage for archived video clips. 

This article discusses how to do the following tasks:

  • Creating an archive and setting the visibility
  • Managing archives
  • Download an archive as an mp4

Creating an archive and setting the visibility

Once you've found the clip you'd like to retrieve, click the "Archive" icon in the lower right portion of the video player. Once you archive a video, it will be available for sharing and download in the Archive section of the sidebar.

The "Archive Clip" menu will come up. Here you can adjust any additional settings as well as add an optional note to display under the clip. This menu will also tell you the size and length of the clip you are about to archive. You can adjust the date and time to fit your needs.

As a general rule, the longer the video clip, the longer it will take the system to archive the footage. The max duration of an archive clip is 12 hours, which can be set under organization-wide settings.

When creating an archive, a user can choose to keep it private or to share the archive with all other users who have access to the camera. If you have "Share with Organization" unchecked / greyed out, the archive will be private and only available to you in your "Archive" section of your Command account.

When ready to archive, hit the blue Archive button.

Command will then begin to archive the video clip and display a status message in the left portion of the screen.

Managing Archives

To access your clip, go to Archive on the left menu.

Here you'll find all of your archived video clips, ordered by default from oldest to newest. To switch this to newest to oldest go to the upper right and change it from Ascending to Descending (1). Then wait for the video to finish archiving (2).

You can also filter by the type of archive. Private archive's are created by you and only visible to your command account. Organization archive's can be created by you or any other member of your organization who has provisioned organizational access to that archive. You also have the ability to see both private archives and organization archives, this is the "All Archives" option.

When you hover over an archive you have the ability to select the visibility. If the eye has a slash through it, the archive is only visible to you and NO ONE else in your organization. If you only see an eye (with no slash through it) then the archive is available to everyone in your organization. To change this setting, simply click the eye button. Hovering over the eye button will display and explain what clicking the button will actually do:

You also have the ability to delete the archive right from the Archive section. This will simply delete the archive. A confirmation pop up will appear and you must confirm the deletion.

Download as mp4

Once a historical clip has been archived, you can download it as an mp4 to store externally as needed.

  1. Click the Download icon
  2. The an mp4 of the clip will download to your device

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