Archiving Recorded Footage
Command makes it easy to archive recorded footage to share and download
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Your Command cloud software licenses include unlimited storage for archived video clips. All archived footage will include a watermark in the top left-hand corner for legal purposes.

Archive Permissions

Users can only archive footage from cameras to which they have Site Viewer or Site Admin access. While Site Admins can create public and private archives, Site Viewers can only create public archives. Public archives are viewable by any user who can view the associated camera's historical footage (Site Admins and Site Viewers); private archives can only be seen by the user who created the archive and Organization Admins.

Organization Admins have the ability to control how much access users have to archives, such as creating private archives as well as sharing and deleting archives. These changes can be made from the Admin tab. The Archive Limited Permissions toggle disables the creation of private archives, deletion of archives, and sharing of archives for all users who are not an Organization Admin.

  1. Select Admin from the All Products menu in the top left-hand corner

  2. Select Org Settings

  3. Select Manage Roles & Permissions

  4. Click the Edit button as shown in the screenshot below.

  5. Adjust permissions as desired.

Note: As a general rule, the longer the video clip, the longer it will take the system to archive the footage. The max duration of an archive clip is 24 hours, which can be set under the Cameras section of the Admin page.

Creating an archive

Archiving from Command

  • Select the desired camera

  • Select the Archive tab

  • Click + Add Archive

  • Enter the date and time you wish to archive

  • (Optional) you can add Notes, uncheck Share with Organization to make it a private archive (not available for Site Viewers), or Blur All Faces

  • Click Archive

  • Once the archive is complete you can view it from the camera's Archive tab or from the global Archive tab on the Home page

Archiving from a mobile app

  • Select the feed of the camera you would like to archive

  • Select the dropdown menu and then Create Archive

  • Scroll to the start time of the event you are looking to capture

  • Select the left bracket in the lower left-hand corner to set the start time

  • Scroll to the end time of the event you are looking to capture

  • Select the right bracket in the lower right-hand corner to set the end time

  • Select the blue check icon in the lower middle to initialize the archive

  • (Optional) When the archive dialog box opens, choose whether to Make private (only available to Organization Admins) or add Notes

  • Select Done to complete or Cancel to exit

  • The newly-started archive will show as Retrieving from camera until the footage has finished uploading to the cloud

Managing archives

To view all of your cameras' archives, from the Home page, select the Archive tab on the top right. There are several features available to make your archive viewing experience better.

  • Archives by default are filtered by Newest First but can be changed on the top right to either Oldest First, Latest Footage, or Earliest Footage.

  • Hover over an archive and select the 3 dots for the option to either Make the Archive Private or Public, Download the Archive, or, Delete The Archive.

Downloading archives

Once a historical clip has been archived, you can download it as an mp4 to store externally as needed. Archives can only be downloaded from Command, however; you can share the link to an archived clip from any platform.

Downloading an archive from Command

  • Select the archive you wish to download

  • Select the Download icon

  • An mp4 of the clip will download to your device

Visit Training Center for bite-sized video tutorials on how to accomplish role-based tasks in Command.

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