Your Command cloud service software licenses include unlimited storage for archived video clips. All archive footage will include a watermark in the top left corner for legal purposes.

Note: As a general rule, the longer the video clip, the longer it will take the system to archive the footage. The max duration of an archive clip is 12 hours, which can be set under the Cameras section of the Admin tab.

Creating an archive

Archiving from Command

  • Click the Archive tab on the lower right-hand side of the video player
  • Click New Archive
  • Enter the date and time you wish to archive
  • (Optional) you can add Notes, chose to Share with Organization, or Blur All Faces
  • Click Archive
  • Once the archive is complete you can view it from the Archive tab or from the Archive page in the left-hand menu.

Archiving from a mobile app

  • Select the feed of the camera you would like to archive
  • Tap the Archive icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Scroll right to the desired archive start time
  • Select the left bracket in the lower left-hand corner to set the start time
  • Scroll left to the desired archive end time
  • Select the right bracket in the lower right-hand corner to set the end time
  • Select the blue check icon in the lower middle to initialize the archive
  • (Optional) When the archive dialog box opens, choose whether to Make private or add Notes
  • Select Done to complete or Cancel to exit
  • The newly-started archive will show as "Retrieving from camera" until the footage has finished uploading to the cloud

Managing archives

To view all of your camera's archive's Select the Archive page from the left-hand menu. There are several features available to make your archive viewing experience better.

  • Filter by archive type by selecting the All Archives drop-down menu
  • Filter by view by selecting the Date Archived drop-down menu
  • Select the parallel arrows to change how the archives are shown (newest to oldest or oldest to newest)
  • Hover over an archive and select the eye to either make the archive private or public
  • Hover over an archive and select the trashcan to delete it

Downloading archives

Once a historical clip has been archived, you can download it as an mp4 to store externally as needed. Archives can only be downloaded from Command, however; you can share the link to an archived clip from any platform.

Downloading an archive from Command

  • Select the archive you wish to download
  • Select the Download icon
  • An mp4 of the clip will download to your device

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