Partner Command Organizations
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Partner Tools gives our partners more tools to provide great customer service to their customers. Partners can easily access the cross-customer overview by logging into their Command orgs and selecting the Partner Tools option from the All Products menu in the top left corner of the page. The overview page will display information related to licensing and support cases for their customers.

This is only available for Organization Admins of the partner account.


Enhanced Customer-Specific Insights: Streamlining Licensing, Support, and Contacts

By clicking into a specific customer from the overview page, partners can gain detailed insight into the current state of that customer’s Command organization. They'll be presented with a detailed product-wise breakdown of licensing for that organization, including any specific licenses that may be missing. Additionally, partners will have visibility into when a given customer’s licenses are set to expire, enabling them to proactively reach out about renewals.


Partners will also find information about currently active support cases for that organization, as well as a history of cases closed over the past six months. This view of support cases offers insight into the types of issues and support assistance commonly required by the customer. At present, this feature will only show support cases that have been initiated through Command live chat.


Furthermore, relevant Verkada contacts, including the current Sales Representative, their manager, and the Verkada Solutions Engineer who are presently working with that customer, will be accessible to the partner. This feature enhances communication and collaboration between the partner and the Verkada team, ultimately benefiting the customer's overall experience.

How Customers Can Share Information with Partner Contacts

To grant partners access to customer-specific information, the customer must explicitly share it with them. This sharing process is facilitated by Customer Org Admins within their Command org. Admins can manage partner access through the Manage Partners feature, accessible under Admin > Org Settings.


Customers have full control over what information they share with their partners. Depending on their preferences and security requirements, they can choose to share either licensing data, support case information, or both. It's important to note that these partner tools operate independently of org membership. This separation ensures a seamless and secure experience for both partners and customers.

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