Alarm Override Schedules

Specify a timeframe to override a default configuration for specific rules.

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Certain use cases may require your alarm settings to have different responses during different times of the day.

Previously, you could only have the system follow one set of rules for a given site. The system will continue to follow these default rules until it is manually changed.

How does the Override Schedules feature work?

As the name implies, the Override Schedules feature allows you to specify a timeframe where the system can override the default configuration to follow a different set of rules. For example, your site is armed between 10 PM and 8 AM, 7 days a week to follow the rules as follows:

  • Strict Video Verification rules.

  • Emergency Dispatch enabled.

  • Contact the Night Shift Security Guard.

  • The Alarm Action is to enable a siren when an alarm is raised.

Example scenario

Starting at 6 AM on weekends, landscapers come around and have been known to trigger some cameras and there is a shift change from the Night Guard to the Day Guard. They want the system to follow these set of rules:

  • Have a lower level of Video Verification as employees can come in early.

  • Be placed in Test (Emergency Dispatch).

  • Contact the Day Guard following the shift change from the Night Guard.

  • Disable any default Alarm Actions to avoid disruptions.

Configure a set of override rules

Using the new Override Schedules feature, you can configure the system to follow a different set of rules, depending on the day, time, or both. In this case, the override rules can be configured to kick in 6–8AM, Sunday and Saturday.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to Alarms > Settings.

  2. On the left side, scroll down to Alarm Responses to enable and configure an override schedule.

    Override Schedule

Override system settings

You can configure an override for the following system settings:

Video Verification (Override)

Between 6–8 AM, the system can follow different Video Verification rules, such as Normal Security.

Emergency Dispatch (Override)

Between 6–8AM, the system can have different Emergency Dispatch settings, such as Monitoring Test Mode, Agent Talk Down, and so on.

Contact List

Between 6–8 AM, you can configure the system to notify a different Contact List of people, such as a Day Guard.

Alarm Actions

Between 6–8 AM, you can configure the system to follow different Alarm Actions, such as not turning out any sirens, strobes or have a different console alert message.

Learn more about how to customize alarm trigger events with verification rules.

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