Alarm Override Schedule

Specify a timeframe to override a default configuration for specific rules.

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Certain use cases may require your alarm settings to have different responses during different times of the day.

The override schedules feature allows you to specify a timeframe where the system can override the default configuration to follow a different set of rules.

Configure schedule override

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Alarms .

  2. Select a site, at the top left, click Settings.

  3. Under Settings, go to Alarm Responses > Override.

    1. Toggle on Override Schedule

    2. Configure the desired override schedule.

  4. On Video Verification:

    1. Toggle on Video Verification and click Confirm to continue.

    2. From the dropdown menu select a security setting.

    3. (Optional) If Custom Rules is selected you will need to select a security option for each verification rule.

  5. On Emergency Dispatch:

    1. Toggle on Enable Emergency Dispatch.

    2. Edit the dispatch settings as needed.

  6. On Contact List:

    1. Search for and select users to add to the override list.

    2. Next to each user, select their notification methods.

  7. On Alarm Actions:

    1. If needed, configure any additional actions that should occur when an alarm is raised.

Learn more about how to customize alarm trigger events with verification rules.

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