The desk station is one of various types of receivers for Intercom. It is intended to allow users such as those who are at a front desk to stream video from a door, communicate, and unlock remotely.

Here are some of the other supported features from using a front desk station:

  • A total of four tiles per page are available for configuration

  • Doors, Cameras, and, Intercoms can be added to the desk station

  • Allows users to remotely unlock paired doors

  • Remotely communicate with a caller

What is covered in this article:

  • how to add a desk station

  • configuring a desk station

Adding a Desk Station to Command

Desk stations can be added to command using a serial number the same way as any Verkada device can. Read here for more information on how to add devices to Command.

Go to 'Home' then select 'Intercom' from the top bar and the newly added Desk Station will show here.

Configuring a Desk Station

The Verkada Desk Station uses tiles to configure what is displayed. Tiles are configurable and can be any of the following: Intercoms, doors, and cameras.

This is what will be displayed when the Desk Station is selected, note that this station has been configured already.

Adding a tile to the Desk Station

  1. Go to 'Home' then select 'Intercom' from the top of the page

  2. Select the Desk Station that needs to be Configured - the current state of the Desk Station will be displayed in the centre of the page

  3. Select an option from the Desk Station in the centre of the web browser, the tile manager will open, search and select any Intercom, door, or camera:

    1. the tile manager can also be opened from the upper left hand side of the page

  4. The configured tile will now appear on the Desk Station:

    1. if an Intercom was selected then the live feed from the Intercom and an unlock button for the paired door will be displayed

    2. if a camera was selected then only the live feed will show on screen

    3. if a door was selected then an unlock button (and if a camera is paired) and camera feed will be displayed

Removing a tile from the Desk Station

  1. to remove a tile go to the Desk Station in Command

  2. with the Desk station open select the 'Manage Tiles' button from the upper right hand side of the page

  3. Once the tile manager is open then deselect any of the currently added tiles

  4. Once a tile has been deselected it will no longer be displayed on the Desk Station.

Alternatively all tiles can be reset at once:

  1. go to the Desk Station in Command

  2. select the settings button from the upper right of the web browser

  3. Select 'Settings'

  4. Select 'Reset Tiles'

Deleting a Desk Station

  1. Go to the Desk Station in Command

  2. Select the settings button from the upper right

  3. Select delete, a prompt will appear requiring user action to confirm it needs to be deleted

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