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Access People Heat Maps for Floor Plans
Access People Heat Maps for Floor Plans

Learn how to access people heat maps for floor plans

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The Verkada people heat maps feature offers a more detailed view of activity within a building by displaying a history of individuals' movements on floor plans using color-coded contours. This feature can help your business better understand how your spaces are being used, such as identifying high-traffic areas and analyzing traffic patterns and behavior.

Before you begin

To use people heat maps:

  • You need at least one floor plan uploaded with cameras placed on it.

  • The cameras must be calibrated to set up regions of interest.

  • People analytics must be enabled on a camera before it can be calibrated.

Access the People Heatmap feature

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Floorplans .

  2. Select the desired building and floor you want to view.

  3. At the top right, People Heatmap should already be selected. If not, click the dropdown to select it.

  4. At the bottom right, select the desired time interval. The default is 1 hour, but you can increase it up to 1 day.

    You can also select a date and time from the calendar menu.

  5. At the bottom left, play a time time lapse to see people's movement over time.

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