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Calibrating Cameras for Floorplan Heatmaps
Calibrating Cameras for Floorplan Heatmaps

Instructions to calibrate cameras for the heatmaps feature on floor plans

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In order to use people heatmaps on floorplans, you will need to calibrate the cameras you want to see heatmaps for. People heatmaps will only show on a floorplan for motion detected by cameras that have been calibrated.

Note: Before calibrating cameras please ensure that you have enabled people analytics on all cameras you wish to calibrate. Cameras will need to be placed on the floorplan map for them to start collecting motion data. If a camera is removed from the floor plan, this will reset its calibration.

For best results, the camera's field of view should be pointed straight down towards the floor/ground as much as possible. An angle of at least 70 degrees from the horizontal is recommended.


  1. Select Floorplans on the top right-hand corner of the Home page

  2. Select the floorplan you wish to calibrate cameras on

  3. Select the camera you wish to calibrate and select the Calibrate for heatmap button

  4. In the floor plan, click and drop 4 points to select the area where you wish to track people's motions with the camera.

  5. In the camera view, click to drop 4 points in the same order and for the same area as in the last step to complete the calibration.

    Note: The sequence of the dropped points is important and should be identical between the floor plan and the camera floor footage. The video below illustrates how to calibrate cameras with dropped points in the correct sequence.

Compatible models: Certain models like D30, D50, or D80 which don't have analytics can't be calibrated. Additionally, certain camera settings which disable analytics are also not compatible with calibration like CF81s on ePTZ mode or cameras used for LPR.

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