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Multiple language support for Verkada Guest
Multiple language support for Verkada Guest
This article will help you add different languages to Verkada Guest
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The following languages are supported

  • English

  • Français

  • Español

  • 日本語

Enabling multiple languages

To begin, browse to the All Products > Guest page.

Then, click on Guest Settings on the left-hand side.

In the Guest Settings menu, select Sites and make sure you use the drop down menu to select the site that you want the supported languages on. Then select Guest Languages

Translating Guest Types

If you had already configured Guest Types, they will all have an exclamation icon next to them.

The names of your Guest Types will now need to be translated to the respective language(s). Select the Guest Type to begin adding the translations to your Guest Type. Then select the drop-down menu to insert your translation.

Add the translation then save

Translating Documents

After creating your document, you can add a translation to it by selecting the dropdown menu here:

Translate the document's name then translate the document. Save and Close when you're finished.

Translating Denied Entry message

After creating your denied entry message, you can add a translation to it by selecting the dropdown menu.

Add the translation then save.

Translating final screen

After adding a final screen message, select the dropdown menu to translate the message.

Add the translation the save.


The exclamation mark will be gone once you translated each part of the Guest Type

How it looks on the tablet

On the latest Verkada Guest app, you should see the option to change the language.

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