Verkada Guests enables your organization to manage guest access quickly and securely into your building and key areas. Guests leverages the logging, cameras, and doors to track guests and hosts across your organization.

Setting up Guests

  1. General Setup

  2. Managing Guest Sites

  3. Setting up a Tablet

  4. Guest Dashboard

General Setup

Once a license has been purchased Guests will be added to your organization and you should now see a Guests tab on your home page, select this to begin the setup:

Guests will now open in a new tab and you should now be able to see several different options for management.

Lets start by selecting the settings button in the top right hand side and select All Settings.

The General page should now be open and you will see a list of the following settings:


The Account page allows you to manage the company name, logo and colors as well as a badge upload.

The logo and badge upload will be the default option for all newly created sites.


Sites are used to manage guest access to your organization. When adding a new site the settings page for the site will appear in a new page.

See here on how to manage a site.


This will enable you to choose who in your organization will be hosting guests, this is used for tracking and logging.

The file must be a CSV and in the following format:


Here is an example of a hosts file with host information:

Madison G,[email protected],6501234567

Note: If you are using an international number it is recommended that you add the international area code.


This is a list of users that have access to Guests and what they can manage.

See here for more information on user roles and permissions.

Managing a Site

Sites are used to segment guest management across your organization.

To add a site go to the general settings of your Guest dashboard, once on the general settings page you should see an option called Sites.

Select Add Site to show a list of sites that are in your organization, once one is selected then you will be prompted to choose a location for your site.

Once your site is added a new window will appear showing a number of management options. You will also be able to access the site from the options button on the main page of your Guests dashboard.


Details is a list of options including changing the location of your site, changing the default logo of your site, changing the default badge of your site, and a toggle for zero -contact check-in.

Zero-Contact check in will show a QR code on your iPad - this will let guests opt to use their phone to check in instead of the iPad.

Guest Types

Allows for customization of what guests see on your iPad or mobile device when they are visiting your organization.

Adding a guest type will show a new window which enables you to choose what fields guests are required to enter when they are signing in. This includes what documents guests are required to view and sign.

Default Host

When the host is unknown or no other host is available a default host can be listed.

For example the receptionist can be listed as the default host.


Select "Add Tablet" when you are ready to enroll your iPad into the Guest dashboard. Once selected you will be prompted to enter a code that will appear on your Guest app.


A site specific code will appear here to enroll your printer into your Guest dashboard. To enroll your printer tap and hold the bottom right corner of your Guest app to show a pin pad which will enable printer specific options.


Default documents include an NDA and Health Document.

Use this setting to upload new documents. When a new document is added you are able to insert variables which will automatically update to a guests name.

Setting Up a Tablet

Once you have a iPad to add to your Guest dashboard, download the Guest app from the app store on to your iPad. Once the Guest app is opened you will see a code which we will use to add the iPad to your site.

To add a iPad select settings on the home page of your Guest dashboard from the upper right corner and then select the site you are adding the iPad in.

Once on your site's settings page select "Tablets" and then "Add Tablet". From here you will be prompted to enter the code which is showing in your Guest app.

After you enter the code select "Add this iPad" to enroll your in your site.

You should now see your newly enrolled tablet in your site settings page. Selecting the tablet will reveal key device information such as what the Guest app will look like, the OS, the IP address, the App Version, and what printer this iPad will print to.

Once your Guest app is setup you will be able to press and hold the bottom right corner to display the printer setup menu. From here enter in the PIN code found under "Printers" in your site settings.

Once the PIN is entered you will be able to select any Airprint enabled printer to begin printing badges.

Using your Guest Dashboard

Once a Host has been added to your general settings guests will be able to start signing in.

When a guest signs in:

  • Their host will be notified via text and email

  • The guests name, reason, host, and sign in time will be listed in the Guest dashboard

  • Selecting the guest in the Guest dashboard will show all cameras that the guest was located on as well as all documents the guest signed

  • Admins will also be able to sign out a guest and re-print the guests badge

Admins, Guest Site Managers, and Guest Site Viewers of the Guest dashboard will also be able to view the following:

  • Logs of guests at a particular site

  • Analytics showing all guest and host events

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