User Keycode

User keycodes are tied to an individual account and have the advantage of controlling each users permissions to be able to arm and or disarm the alarms system through their unique keycode and site permissions.

To generate a keycode for an account go to Admin > Org Settings > Users > Select Account > Generate

The user must have the alarms User permission in order to use this code tied to their account. However, if the user is a Site Admin, they will be an alarm user by default for that site. This allows you to give users permissions to arm and disarm a site and limit camera viewing.

Furthermore if there are many alarms sites which a user needs to arm and disarm, you can designate those permissions there instead of configuring Alarms keycodes for each site for the user.

Alarms Keycodes

Alarms Keycodes are not tied to an individual account rather instead they are given a name. These serve the purpose of creating one keycode for a group of people to use ie janitorial staff or a master keycode in case of emergencies for that specific alarms site.

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