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Generate a User or General Keycode
Generate a User or General Keycode

Learn the keycode differences and how to generate keycodes

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User keycodes are associated to an individual account and have the advantage of controlling each user's permissions to arm/disarm the alarm system through their unique keycode and site permissions.

General keycodes are not associated with an individual account; instead, they are given a generic name and are used for one alarm site only. The objective is to create a generic keycode for a group of people to use, such as janitorial staff or a master keycode in case of emergencies for that specific alarm site.

Generate a keycode

Requirement. Before you can generate a keycode, you must be an Org Admin, and you must confirm your account permissions.

  1. In Verkada Command, generate a keycode in one of these ways:

    • Go to All Products > Admin > Org Settings > Users > Select Account > Generate.

    • Go to All Products > Alarms > Select site > Settings > Users & Keycodes > Search for User > Generate Code.

2. Next to the code, click the pencilicon to change the pre-generated code.

Note: User keycodes and general keycodes cannot conflict with one another. If you enter a code that already exists in your command account, an error appears.

Required. You must have the alarms user permission to use this code tied to a user account. However, if you are a Site Admin, you are an alarm user, by default, for that site. This allows you to give users permission to arm and disarm a site and limit camera viewing.

If there are many alarm sites that you need to arm/disarm, you can designate those permissions instead of configuring general keycodes for each site for a user.

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