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Enabling Wi-Fi on Supported Verkada Cameras
Enabling Wi-Fi on Supported Verkada Cameras

Verkada CD61, CD61-E, CB61-E, CB61-TE, CM61, and D50W models support Wi-Fi. This article covers the process of enabling and using Wi-Fi.

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In order to enable and use Wi-Fi on Verkada cameras, a few conditions must be met:

  1. The camera model must be one of the following models:

    1. CD61

    2. CD61-E

    3. CB61-E

    4. CB61-TE

    5. CM61

    6. D50W

  2. Wi-Fi must be enabled at the organization level. Contact Verkada Support to enable this if it is not already enabled. Verkada Support will only need a support token to perform this action, and you can generate one using this article for reference.

  3. The Verkada camera must be connected to an Ethernet network and must be online to receive the Wi-Fi configuration. It is possible to enable Wi-Fi and configure your SSID and password if the device is offline, but it will need to connect to a wired network to pull this new configuration.

First, navigate to the camera's settings by clicking the gear icon on the camera's live feed page.

Next, click Device to navigate to the Wi-Fi option, and click Configure.

Finally, toggle on Enable camera Wi-Fi, select your wireless network, and enter your password to connect the camera. Click Connect once you're ready to save.

Now you're done! The camera will retain this configuration on reboot. You can confirm which connection is in use via the checkbox.

Note: If the SSID or password changes for the Wi-Fi network, you must pre-configure the new Wi-Fi network on the camera or use a wired network to re-configure the camera. If the camera is offline, it will not pull a new wireless configuration.

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