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How to Arm/Disarm your Alarms Site
How to Arm/Disarm your Alarms Site

User guide to arming/disarming your Alarms site

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There are Multiple methods of arming/disarming your Alarms site detailed below:

Arming/Disarming from the Command Website

From the Alarms Home page in Command, the current state of your Alarms site is described by the status under the name of the site. By clicking on the Disarmed toggle under the name of the alarm site, you can arm your system. Similarly, you are also able to disarm the system by clicking on the Armed slider under your Alarms site.

Arming/Disarming from the Alarm Console via the Keypad

Users without access to Command can arm/disarm the system from configured keycode(s) in your Alarms site or the user keycodes. Input one of your configured site-level or user-generated 6-digit keycode(s) in the alarm console and it will arm/disarm the system.

Arming/Disarming from the Alarms App or Command App

Command users of any access level that are granted Alarms user permissions can also arm/disarm Alarms sites from either the Verkada Alarms mobile app or the Verkada Command mobile app. Simply log in to the app using your Command credentials and you can arm/disarm by selecting the shield icon next to the Alarms site.

Alarms App - Disarmed

Alarms App - Armed

Command App

Badge to Arm/Disarm from the Verkada Access Controller

You can configure a reader on a door to arm or disarm an alarm site. The door you choose to select can be in any site.

To select the door to disarm or arm a site you must go to your alarms site settings.

This can be done by going to All Products > Alarms > Select Site > Settings.

Once in the alarms site settings select Arm/Disarm > Select Doors.

We recommend using two separate doors to arm and disarm the site. If desired, however, you can use the Toggle via Doors option to configure the door to change the state from armed to disarmed or vice versa when triggered. Once the door is selected, a valid unlock event ie keycard, Bluetooth, and remote unlock will arm/disarm the site.

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