Disconnect and Reconnect the CM41-S Video Cable

Learn how to disconnect and reconnect Verkada's CM41-S video cable

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You can install the CM41-S in ATMs and other space-constrained locations. The body of the camera and the lens are separated and connected via a video cable.

How it works

The instructions below explain how to disconnect this video cable and reattach it once the camera is installed.

Step 1: Properly ground yourself

Make sure that you are properly grounded as you will be around sensitive electronic components.

Note: Electrostatic charge buildup is more likely to happen in a dry environment. Use an antistatic wrist strap to make sure you are grounded, as shown below.

Step 2: Detach the CM41-S video cable

  1. To remove the video cable from the camera lens, detach the screws shown in the image.

  2. This is what you should see after the screws are removed.

  3. Lift up on the side of the connector to detach the video cable connector.

  4. Take care that the lens does not fall out of the mount. At this point, the video cable is detached, and the lens can be installed in the desired location.

Step 3: Reattach the CM41-S video cable

  1. Once the camera is installed, you need to reattach the video cable. The cable connector pushes straight on, as shown below:

  2. Attach the back cover of the lens, tighten the 3 screws, and the camera is fully installed.

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