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Adding Cameras and Doors to Guest
Adding Cameras and Doors to Guest

Guest enables users to unlock doors and track guests for powerful logging and analytics

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To begin adding cameras and doors to guest, browse to the All Products > Guest tab.

From there, select the Admin tab from the left-hand menu.

Within the Admin menu, select the site you want to add cameras and/or doors to using the dropdown in the upper left-hand corner.

Cameras enable users of the Guest dashboard to view events. Doors enable Admins and Managers to view and edit door schedules, Site Viewers are able to use doors to view door events.

Adding Cameras

To add a camera, click on (or scroll to) Cameras in the list, then select Manage Cameras.

After selecting Manage Cameras, a a popup menu will be presented that allows you to add up to 4 cameras to your Guest Site.

To remove all cameras and start over simply select Clear.

Adding Doors

To add doors to your Guest dashboard click on (or scroll down to) Doors.

From there, select the Manage Doors option. Once selected you can manage up to four doors that you would like to allow guests to access.

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