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Guest Users and Permissions
Guest Users and Permissions

Verkada Guest securely enables key individuals to manage guest access to your organization

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Verkada Guest has three main roles:

  • Guest Admin

  • Guest Site Manager

  • Guest Site Viewer

Guest Admin

  • Add/Remove users

  • Modify user membership

  • View guest logs and analytics

  • Add and modify sites

  • Sign out users and print badges

  • Modify account settings

  • View doors in all sites and edit schedules

Guest Site Manager

  • Modify sites

  • View account settings

  • View guest logs and analytics

  • Sign out users and print badges

  • View doors in permitted sites and edit schedules

Guest Site Viewer

  • View guest logs and analytics

  • Sign out users and print badges

  • View doors in permitted sites

Note: These roles grant access to view live and historical video for all the cameras in the site they were granted access to even if the user is assigned live-only view permissions to the camera site.

Granting Roles

Organization Admins are Guest Admins by default. To promote users to Site Manager or Site Viewer take the following steps:

  1. Browse to All Products > Guest

  2. Select Admin from the left-hand side menu

  3. Select Users & Roles

  4. Select Manage Roles

  5. Search for and select the user you want to promote

  6. Once a user is selected you will see a new window

  7. Select + Add Role

  8. From here you should see two options Site Viewer and Site Manager

  9. After choosing the role you will be prompted to choose which site(s) the user should have access to

Note: Once user(s) have been promoted it is recommended you refresh the page to see a list of the newly added users and their roles.

Modifying and Removing Users

To modify a user select their name from the user's list. You will be presented with the user and the roles they hold in the organization.

The list of options includes:

  • + Add Role - allows you to add Site Viewer or Site Manager roles to users along with sites

  • Add/Remove Sites - allows you to choose to add or remove sites from users

  • Remove Role - allows you to remove roles from a user, hover over their current role and a Remove Role option should appear.

Note: Removing all roles from a user will cause the user to be removed from the Guest dashboard.

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