Smart Tiles

Smart tiles give you a way to display important data on your viewing station. To access smart tiles, you must select “manage tiles” in the upper right corner of your viewing station management page – you should now see three options to choose from, one of them being smart tiles.

Smart tiles consist of the following three data sets:

Active Area

Will displays the camera with the most motion.

To change what camera(s) display on the active area tile, select the tile and you will be shown an information panel to select from the following three options:

  1. The current page

  2. All pages, or;

  3. a camera of your choice that is not already setup on the viewing station.

Access Control

Will display all most recent door events, this includes any door event that you would see in door history such as:

· Access granted events

· Access denied events

· Door open events

· Door held open and door forced open events

Selecting this tile will allow you to choose which door is displayed on the VX52.

Sensor Readings

Will display environmental sensor readings of your choice – what sensor readings are shown can be selected from the customize data tab when you select the sensor tile.

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