Magic Link Login

Easily switch between your Verkada Command organizations

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Magic link login is an alternative to logging in to Verkada Command with the organization (org) short name and password for each org you're a member of. With magic link login, you can log in to all of your password-only orgs at one time.

While you are logged in, you can switch between organizations without having to authenticate them each time.

Required. For your orgs that require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Single Sign-On (SSO), you need to authenticate them before you can switch between them.

Authenticate your orgs

  1. Log in to Verkada Command:

    1. Enter your email.

    2. Select Get a login link.

  2. Check your inbox where an email is automatically sent.

  3. Select the link in the email and you should be redirected to a list of your organizations.

  4. Select the first organization you want to log in to.

    You are automatically logged in to all of your password-only organizations.

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