When you are a part of multiple organizations, your user account is separate for each organization. This allows for more granular control of user accounts by the Organization Admins such as requiring two-factor authentication. The organization's short name is used to specify the org you are logging into. Once logged in, if you have verified your email, you can change between all organizations you are a part of. You can also use a Magic Link Login to log in to all of your password-only orgs at once.

Organization Short Name

If you are a part of two or more organizations, when you log into Command you will need to specify the organization's short name to indicate which org you are logging into. This short name is a unique identifier for the org.

Finding your short name via email

When logging in, if you do not know the short name, you can select the Email me a list button to have them emailed to you, along with email verification links for each organization.

Finding your short name while logged in

If you need to lookup the short name of the organization you're logged into, you can find this on the Organization Details tab. Navigate to All Products > Admin > Org Settings > Organization Details

Here, you can see the short name of the organization,

Changing Between Organizations

You can see all of the organizations you are logged into by selecting the organization name on the left-hand menu. Select any of the organizations listed to switch between them.

You will be required to log in to your other organizations when changing to it unless you have authenticated recently within the organization's session time limit.

Unable to See All Your Organizations

You may find that not all of the organizations you belong to show up in the list when selecting the org name in the left-hand menu. This will happen when your email is not verified in each of the organizations.

To correct this, select the organization name on the bottom left-hand menu. Check to see if your email has a green checkmark next to it. If you do not see this checkmark, please verify your email by following this article.

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