The screenshot tool can be very useful when wanting to take a quick capture of something happening on a live stream or a historical video.

Clicking the screenshot button will take a capture of the video feed at that exact time. Simply select any historical clip below, select the section of the video that you want to capture, and then click the screenshot button. The picture will automatically download in your web browser as a .jpg file for you to open.

The screenshot will include the name and time stamp of the camera in the top left corner.

Taking screenshot on a live feed

  1. Click on a camera
  2. Wait for the stream to open and be visible
  3. Click the camera button to take a screenshot 

Taking a screenshot on historical footage

  1. Click on a camera
  2. Click on a historical footage stream
  3. Click the camera button when you want to take the screen shot

Taking a screenshot on mobile application

  1. Open the Verkada App
  2. Tap on any camera 
  3. Tap the screenshot button on the camera, it will ask you for permissions to access file storage on your mobile device, click allow.

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