Verkada cameras allow you to embed a live stream of a camera on your website. The embed is an iframe code snippet that is compatible with any web page. Once an embed is created, access can be revoked at any time.

Create an Embed

  1. Navigate to the camera feed you want to embed on your website

  2. Select the share icon at the side of the frame

  3. Select More options

  4. Select Embed Code

  5. Enter the domain(s) on which you'd like to authorize video to play

  6. Select Add Domain to add the domain

  7. Select Embed Link to generate the embed code (automatically added to clipboard)

Note: Wildcards are accepted, i.e., * If your domain is you do not need the preceding wildcard and can use However, if your domain is you can use the wildcard to specify the subdomain. 

Manage Existing Embed Links

  1. Select Admin from the All Products menu in the top left-hand corner

  2. Under Org Settings select Manage Shared Links

  3. Select the Embedded tab

  4. First icon will copy the embed code

  5. Second icon will revoke the embed access

Resizing or troubleshooting an embedded feed

Add-ons or settings that block third-party cookies can cause issues with embedded stream playback. The following articles can assist in troubleshooting:

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