When you load a page, the website will refer the users browser to the URL of embed. The iframe will appear as a black screen if the referring website doesn't match the domain name specified when the embed was created.

There are three steps for resolving embeds that won't load:

  1. Determine the referring website so you can specify a matching domain name when creating the embed
  2. Recreate an embed using the correct domain name
  3. Place the new embed in your website

Find the referring website

  1. On the webpage where you placed the embed, right click your browser and select Inspect. This will be a black screen because the embed will not load
  2. In the top bar, click Network
  3. In the search/filter bar type embed (filter for embed related requests)
  4. Click on the alphanumeric id request
  5. Under the Request headers section there will be a Referrer url. This is the url/domain you need to put in Verkada Command(You only need up until the .com or .org in the example below the referring domain is verkadasupport.com)

*If you do not see the embed.html right away, click refresh to reload the page.

Recreate the embed using the correct domain name

  1. Select the camera
  2. Select the share icon
  3. Choose Embed
  4. Type in your referrer domain
  5. Select Create

Place new embed on your website

  1. Copy the new embed link you just created in the step above
  2. Go to your sites admin portal
  3. Paste the html embed iframe where you would like the embed to be on your site
  4. Save and open site and make sure it works

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