If it isn't possible to run Ethernet cabling or fiber from a location that has internet connectivity to a location that doesn't, a wireless point-to-point could be used to bridge the connection. Wireless bridges have the ability to range from short distances (30 meters) to long distances as far as 100 km.


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Ideal conditions: 

Equipment list:

  • Power: For remote deployments that don't have a power outlet available a solar panel, generator, or a PoE owl could be used

  • 802.3af or 802.3at PoE switches or injectors (802.3at is required for the PoE heater to function on outdoor Verkada cameras)

  • Ethernet cables

  • Weatherproof point-to-point bridge

  • Internet connection

It's strongly recommended to test all equipment for a few days to ensure everything is working as originally planned. There are usually unexpected variables that you will run into such as a wireless bridge not providing enough throughput or packet loss due to RF interference.

If you still have further questions regarding your deployment after reading this article, please contact Verkada Sales.

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