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Power a Verkada Camera with a Solar Panel

Learn the basic requirements to power a Verkada camera using solar energy

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For deployments that don't have a dedicated power source available, a solar panel can be used to power a Verkada camera. This article describes the basic requirements to power a Verkada camera using solar energy, and provide it with internet connectivity using a cellular-based connection.

Recommendation. We strongly recommend to test all equipment at the planned location for a few days or weeks to ensure everything is working as originally planned. There are usually unexpected variables that you may run into, such as a solar panel not producing the expected power or devices consuming more power than originally planned.

Equipment list 

  • Solar panel

  • Battery to store solar energy with a DC power output

  • 802.3af, 802.3at, or 802.3bt PoE switch or injector

    • 802.3at required for the PoE heater to function on outdoor Verkada cameras

    • 802.3bt required to fully power a CH52-E

  • Ethernet cables

  • Cellular connected Cradlepoint router (required, assuming an ISP connection isn't available)

  • Surge protector (recommended)

  • Water-resistant hardware enclosure for battery, cradlepoint, PoE switch, or injector (strongly recommended)

  • Backup gas powered generator (optional)

Example: Verkada camera running on solar energy

Considerations for type capacity of equipment to use

  • Amount of devices being powered and their expected power consumption

  • Amount of direct sunlight expected to hit the solar cells on the solar panel

  • Amount of time sunlight may not be available

  • Possible weather conditions the deployment may be exposed to such as wind, rain, snow, or sleet

  • Weight and size of equipment (if the deployment needs to be fully mobile)

Camera power consumption by model

Camera Model

Power Consumption

D30, CD52 (Indoor)


CD62 (Indoor)


CD42 (Indoor)


Dome series (outdoor)

12W, 20W (extended temperature range)

Bullet (CB) series (outdoor)

12W, 20W (extended temperature range)


13W, 23W (extended temperature range)


27.69W, 38.68W (extended temperature range)

Learn more about the camera power requirements.

Deployment assistance

If you still have further questions regarding your deployment after reading this article, please contact Verkada Sales ([email protected]) and phone numbers:

  • North America: +1 (650) 514-2500

  • Latin America: +52 (5) 565991555

  • Europe: +44 (20) 30486050

  • Asia / Pacific: +61 (2) 83105777

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