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Using a Verkada Camera on a Cradlepoint Connection
Using a Verkada Camera on a Cradlepoint Connection

For deployments that don't have a wired ISP connection available, a Cradlepoint can be used to get a Verkada camera online

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This is a basic guide on how to provide cellular connectivity to a Verkada camera using a cradlepoint router. The cradlepoint used in this article is running factory default settings.


  • Active SIM card

  • Cradlepoint Router

  • Verkada camera

  • PoE Injector/PoE Switch

  • DC power outlet

SIM card overview

Most cradlepoints require a standard SIM card so it's recommended you review your cradlepoint model's documentation to confirm which one is needed. In this specific guide, an IBR-900LP6 cradlepoint is used, which requires a Standard SIM card. 

The cellular carrier being used provided a Nano SIM, but the carrier also included a trio adapter which is displayed below. It's recommended to confirm with your cellular carrier which type of SIM they will be providing prior to purchasing to ensure compatibility with your cradlepoint. Adapters can also be found online if the carrier can only provide a nano SIM. 

In the picture displayed above, you will see the three types of SIM cards (standard, micro, and nano) as well as common adapters (combi and trio) cellular carriers usually provide. 

Data plans 

When estimating bandwidth consumption for your Verkada system, it's important to keep the following variables in mind:

  • Number of cameras viewed per day

  • Number of SQ hours viewed per day

  • Number of HQ hours viewed per day

  • Number of Verkada cameras being used

If you aren't sure which data plan you should be choosing with your cellular carrier, review this KB prior to selecting a plan.

Installing the SIM card

With the cradlepoint powered off, open the SIM card door and locate an available SIM card tray. To ensure you're inserting the SIM card correctly, please review your cradlepoint's documentation to avoid damaging the SIM tray. In this specific example, the metal contact on the SIM was facing toward the bottom of the cradlepoint. The SIM should snap into place easily and shouldn't require much force. If you have installed an SD card on a device before, this process should feel familiar. 

After the SIM is secure in the tray, reconnect the SIM door, as some cradlepoint models won't power on if the SIM door isn't seated. 

Setting up the Cradlepoint 


With the cradlepoint powered off, connect all of the necessary antennas.

  • Main (Required):  Primary cellular connection

  • 2.4/5Ghz (Optional): Used for WiFi connectivity to the cradlepoint. Not all cradlepoints have this feature/antenna.

  • Aux/GPS (Optional): Review your cradlepoint's documentation to confirm if you should be using this or not

There may be several different antennas included with your Cradlepoint. Please review your Cradlepoint documentation to verify which type of antenna you should be using.

Powering up your Cradlepoint

Once all of the antennas have been connected and the SIM is inserted, power on your cradlepoint and wait about 2-5 minutes to allow the device to fully boot. 

Verifying connectivity 

As a quick test to verify internet connectivity, connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the cradlepoint and connect the other end to a laptop's Ethernet port. You should see a link light on the LAN port and your laptop should be able to reach the internet. If not, wait another minute before performing basic network troubleshooting. 

If the management UI is reporting cellular connectivity issues, it's recommended to test the SIM card on a different type of device such as a cell phone. This will verify your SIM card is properly registered with your cellular carrier. 

Power on your Verkada camera

Verkada cameras use industry-standard 802.3af power over ethernet (PoE). If you are using an outdoor Verkada camera in a cold-weather climate and require the built-in heater, you will need a PoE injector or switch that supports the higher-power 802.3at PoE+ standard. Contact us to discuss your options.

If you decide to use a PoE injector, the LAN port on the cradlepoint will need to connect to the 'IN' port on the injector. The 'OUT' port should be going to the Ethernet port on the Verkada camera.

Management interface

There are two ways to access the local management interface on your cradlepoint:


If your cradlepoint has WiFi capabilities, there should be a network name (SSID) and default password on the bottom of the device. Once the WiFi LED has a solid color, use a laptop or wireless capable device to connect to the SSID. 


This management interface can be accessed by connecting an Ethernet cable directly into the LAN port of the cradlepoint to a laptop or desktop NIC. If your cradlepoint is running default settings, you should be able to access the management interface by going to via an internet browser.

Once the management interface has been loaded, log in using the default credentials. The default password should also be on the bottom of your cradlepoint. If you connected using wireless, the password should be the same as the SSID's PSK. 

Default username: admin
Default password: Located at the bottom of your cradlepoint 

If you still can't login, you may want to consider factory resetting the Cradlepoint.

Note: Please keep in mind factory resetting this will clear all previously saved configurations on the Cradlepoint.

Like most network-connected devices, it's recommended that you change all default passwords on your cradlepoint to prevent unauthorized users from making changes.


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