Every Verkada camera comes with a free 30 days worth of cloud backup storage. This feature is enabled on a per camera basis. If backup has been configured and a camera goes offline you will be able to view all footage that has been successfully uploaded to the cloud prior to the outage. The camera will continue to record locally even if offline. Once the connection to the cloud is re-established, footage will again be backed up to the cloud.

Note: If more than 30 days worth of cloud retention is desired, please reach out to your sales representative or email into [email protected].

Bandwidth considerations

By default, the footage is backed up in SD which uploads from the camera continuously at:

  • 300Kbps (D30, D40, D50)
  • 600Kbps (CM61, CD31, CD41, CD51, CD61, D80, CB51-E, CB61-E)

Optionally, a camera can backup in high resolution which uploads at:

  • 1Mbps (D30, D50)
  • 1.5Mbps (D40, CD31, CD41, CD51, CB51-E)
  • 2Mbps (D80, CM61)
  • 3Mbps (CD61, CB61-E)

To avoid using network bandwidth during certain hours, uploads can be set to occur during a configured time window. 

How to calculate required upload bandwidth during a configured time window

Suppose there is 24 hours of footage requiring backup and the configured time window is set to 6 hours. The camera will need to upload at 4 times the configured bit rate(24 hours footage/6 hours time window) to finish within the time window. Therefore if the backup is using 300kbps SD stream, the camera will upload at 1.2Mbps (300kbps * 4 times the bit rate) during the time window. 

Per camera bandwidth consumption calculation:
 ( Hours of footage to be backed up / backup window in hours) * bit rate (300Kbps or 1Mbps)

Enable Cloud Backup

  1. Click a camera
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Additional settings
  4. Select Bandwidth
  5. Enable backups by toggling Upload video to the cloud
  6. Optional: Toggle Upload high-quality resolution (requires 1Mbps upload) 
  7. Optional: Toggle Restrict upload to a specific time window 
  8. Click Apply Changes

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