When you log in to Command, you can only access cameras and video in organizations or sites where your user account has permissions. Note that even if you are an Organization Admin, you still need to grant yourself permissions to view all sites.

If you log in to Command and cameras are missing or have disappeared, always check user permissions. The most common reason cameras are not visible is because your user account needs permissions to the organization or site where the cameras are configured.

Common actions that can cause cameras to disappear

  • An Admin has moved the cameras into an organization or site where your user account does not have permissions. 

  • An Admin has removed your user account from the organization or site where the cameras are located. 

In either case, reach out to people on your team to request they check your user permissions to the desired organization or site.

Checking Permissions

If you are an Organization Admin, it is possible to check and correct your own permissions.

  1. Select the Admin page on the left-hand menu

  2. Select Users

  3. Select your email and you will be taken to a list of the sites in your organization with your relevant permissions shown

  4. From here you can set the correct permissions using the drop-down list next to each site

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