Verkada releases regular updates to its firmware. These updates enhance security and functionality, and they are included at no cost as part of your cloud license.

Scheduling firmware updates

Firmware is pushed automatically, no action is required to receive firmware updates.

Automatic failover

To ensure failsafe updates, each Verkada device is equipped with a dual-partition firmware bank. In the unusual event that a firmware update fails, the device will automatically revert back to the previous version of the firmware, and try the update at a later time.

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Firmware integrity checks

Verkada runs a firmware integrity check periodically on all cameras to ensure there hasn’t been any tampering with our firmware. If a device were to fail an automated check, our security team would be notified immediately and you will be contacted.

Does my camera stop recording during firmware updates?

We take extra care to ensure failsafe firmware updates and minimize service interruptions. Your camera will go offline for a few moments as the software update process is being finalized. These updates should occur during our regularly scheduled maintenance windows so service interruptions are minimal.

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