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Schedule Firmware Updates for Access Control Hardware
Schedule Firmware Updates for Access Control Hardware

Learn how to schedule firmware updates for access control hardware

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Verkada releases regular updates to its firmware. These updates enhance security and functionality, and they are included at no cost as part of your cloud license.

Specify schedule firmware updates

Firmware is pushed automatically. To schedule firmware updates to happen during a certain time of day, follow these steps:

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Access.

  2. Select the site for which you would like to schedule your firmware updates.

    Note: If you have an organization with multiple sites, you need to toggle on this feature for every site.

  3. At the top menu bar, click Settings.

  4. Toggle on Schedule Firmware Updates.

  5. Set a 2-hour window during which firmware updates can be made to all the access control devices in the selected site.


  • The update window needs to be a minimum of 2 hours and access control devices may reboot during this time.

  • This feature does not allow you to choose the day the upgrade takes place as Verkada releases firmware in stages across all active devices.

  • This feature is intended to allow you to ensure that the upgrade does not take place during a sensitive time where a device upgrade can cause disruptions to users accessing doors.

Automatic failover

To ensure failsafe updates, each Verkada device is equipped with a dual-partition firmware bank. In the unusual event that a firmware update fails, the device will try and update if it is still in the schedule window. If it is not in the scheduled window, it will try and update the following day in the scheduled window. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

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