Once you’ve plugged your camera into a PoE-enabled Internet connection, it will automatically begin to boot. You'll then need to add your camera to your Verkada Command account. 

On a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, log into your Command account and click on the "Add Device" button on the left menu. Next, enter the camera’s serial number. If you’re using a smartphone and it has a camera, you have the added option of scanning the camera’s QR code instead of entering the serial number. 

Once you've entered your camera's serial number, the camera will begin transmitting video. Typically it takes 3-4 minutes for the video stream to become visible in Command. A solid blue status light on the front of the camera will indicate that it is connected, and recording and transmitting video.

If your camera doesn't connect automatically, be sure to review your Local Area Network (LAN) settings.

**NOTE: If you're adding lots of cameras, contact Verkada or your installer about how to add cameras to your account in bulk.

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