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ENGAGE Wireless Lock Offline Integration
ENGAGE Wireless Lock Offline Integration

Learn how to configure and set up the Schlage ENGAGE lock series in offline mode

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The Schlage ENGAGE series of locks contains the NDEB, LEB, and LE wireless lock sets. The LEB and LE are mortise locks, while the NDEB is cylindrical.

The offline integration allows the lock to remain offline and check in with Command once every day. This means that the ENGAGE series offline integration does not support real-time communication, such as remote unlock or lockdowns. Real-time updates are available for tamper events and door forced open events.

All door events, user updates, schedule updates, and so on are published in Verkada Command every 24 hours, unless forced to sync through the Allegion ENGAGE mobile app.

What you need to know

  • This integration supports the NDEB, LE, and LEB lock series.

  • NDE locks are not supported; they are outdated and use old Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standards.

  • Verkada's integration supports both online and offline modes with the Schlage locks. For an online integration, see ENGAGE Wireless Lock Online Integration.

  • In order to see the Access page in Command at least one Access Control Unit (ACU) must be added to Organization. Contact support if you have no ACUs in your organization.

Note: You cannot use ENGAGE Series Wireless Locks and Verkada Readers in the same installation.

For details and more information about how to set up ENGAGE locks, refer to Schlage Resources.

Set up the offline integration

Required. You must be an Org Admin to install ENGAGE Wi-Fi locks. If you are not an admin, contact an Org Admin to be granted this role. Learn more about Roles and Permissions for Command and Roles and Permissions for Access Control.

  1. Log in to the organization where you want to install the lock-in.

  2. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Access. You must have at least 1 access controller in your account to see the Access tab.

  3. At the top right, click Manage Sites (to add ENGAGE Wi-Fi locks to your site and it does not exist).

    1. If the site that you want to add Engage WiFi locks to does not exist, click Add to create it.

    2. If it does exist, at the top, click Settings.

    3. If you can see the site, but not the settings, it means you're not a Site Admin for the given site. Click Admins to make yourself a Site Admin and add yourself.

  4. Verkada sites are mapped 1:1 with the sites in the ENGAGE app.

    1. If someone in your org has not already created a matching site in the app: go to Settings > Create Allegion Site > Create Site.

    2. If someone else in your organization has already created this site, click Invite to invite yourself as a Manager of the ENGAGE site.

  5. You should receive an email prompting you to accept the invite and log in to Allegion using your existing credentials, or create new credentials.

    Important: There is no way to resend this invite. If you did not receive the email, the only way to move forward is to delete and re-create the site in Command.

  6. Download the ENGAGE app from the iOS or Android app store and sign in with the same credentials.

  7. You should see an ENGAGE site with the same name as your Verkada site. Select the site in the app to add devices to that site.

  8. Next to site name, click the i (information) icon to verify that the Host Settings server is

  9. Go to the Devices tab, and at the top right, click the plus (+) symbol to begin adding ENGAGE devices.

  10. Go through the flow to add your lock device and setup wifi connection.

  11. When prompted to use Site Defaults, select Yes.

  12. Once the lock has been added to the app, return to Command and go to All Products > Access.

    1. Select your site and click Settings > Sync Allegion ENGAGE Devices. Once sync is successful, you should see the lock under Doors.

      You should now see your ENGAGE device on your Access site’s homepage.

  13. Select the ENGAGE device to see the single door associated with it. You can manage this door in the same way you would a door that is registered to an access control unit.

  14. In an offline integration, the lock syncs with Command once every 24 hours. The lock initially shows up as Disconnected or Unknown in Command and you have to wait 24 hours or manually sync from the ENGAGE app. Here's how you can do a manual sync:

    1. Go to Site > Devices.

    2. Select the lock icon > Settings > Update From Server.

  15. Any changes made on Command, such as adding access levels, door schedules, modifying door settings (and so on) also follow the 24-hour sync rule. If you want immediate updates, you must sync Allegion devices again for that site.

Note: Web unlock and remote unlock do not work with this integration due to the lack of real-time communication between locks and our system.

Schlage resources

Set up the ENGAGE lock

Need more help? Contact Verkada Support

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