The Engage series of locks has the NDEB, LEB, and LE wireless locksets.

They act the same to the user. The only distinctions are that the the LEB and NDEB locks are third party BLE compatible and that the LEB and LE are cylindrical locks while the NDEB is mortise.

  • This integration supports the NDEB, LE, and LEB series. The main distinction is that the LE and LEB locks are mortise locks.

  • NDE locks are not supported - they are outdated and use old SSL standards

  • This integration is an offline integration. That means that all door events, user updates, schedule updates etc will be published in command every 24 hours, unless forced to sync through the Allegion mobile app.

  • This means that the engage series integration does not support remote unlock or lockdowns.

  • Real time updates are available for tamper events and door forced open events

Installation Guide

  1. Go to

  2. Log In to the organization that you would like to install the lock in

    1. Note: You must be an Organization Admin to install Engage WiFi Locks. If you are not an admin, contact an Organization Admin to be granted this role.

  3. Open the Access Tab

    1. Note: You must have at least one Access Controller in your account to see the Access tab.

  4. Select "Manage Sites" on the top right

    1. If the site that you want to add Engage WiFi locks to does not exist, create it by clicking "+ Add...". If it does exist select "Settings" on the right.

    2. If you can see the site, but can not see "Settings" that means you are not a Site Admin for the given site. Make yourself a Site Admin by clicking "Admins" and adding yourself.

  5. Select "Allegion Engage WiFi Locks" on the left

    1. If you can not see this section, contact your Verkada representative they need to enable the Beta feature for your organization.

  6. Verkada Sites are mapped 1:1 with the Sites in the Engage app. If someone in your org has not already created a matching site in the Engage App, the UI will show "Create Site". Click this button to create the matching Engage site, and invite yourself to it

    1. If someone else in your organization has already created this site, you will see an "Invite" button instead. Click this button to invite yourself as a Manager of the Engage site.

  7. You have now created an Engage Site, and you should have received an email with an invite to the Engage app. Clicking the "Accept This Invite" link in the email will bring you to the Engage portal, where you can create an Engage account or sign in if you already have one.

  8. Download the Engage App from the iOS or Android app store.

  9. Sign in to the app using the same email/password that you set up above.

  10. You should see an Engage Site with the same name as your Verkada Site, select this site to add devices to the site.

  11. Go to the "Devices" tab and select the "+" to begin adding Engage WiFi devices. Go through the flow to add your NDE or LE device. When asked if you want to use Site Defaults, select yes.

  12. Make sure you set the server to the following

    NOTE: this is a new Server address as of 7/5/2022. All Schlage wireless locks that connect to Verkada.

    1. Make sure the server address is as pictured

  13. Once you have finished adding your device to the Engage app, return to Verkada Command and select "Sync" to pull the newly registered devices into Command.

  14. If you navigate to the Devices tab on the right, you should now see your Engage device in Command. (Note: You may need to refresh the page to see the new device).

  15. Select the device to see the single "Door" associated with it. You can manage this Door in the same way you would a Door that is registered to an AC41.

  16. The Engage Wifi devices will not sync with the server immediately, to force an update immediately, open the App, Select the device, and Click "Update From Server".

  17. All Engage Locks will appear as a door in the interface. For each door: Connectivity status will be displayed

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