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ENGAGE Wireless Lock Online Integration
ENGAGE Wireless Lock Online Integration

Learn how to configure and set up the Schlage ENGAGE lock series for online use

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The Schlage ENGAGE series of locks contains the NDEB, LEB, and LE wireless lock sets. The LEB and LE are mortise locks, while the NDEB is cylindrical.

The online integration allows the lock to remain online and check in with Verkada Command frequently. This means that the ENGAGE series online integration supports real-time communication, such as remote unlock or lockdowns. All door events, user updates, schedule updates, and so on are available in real-time through a connection between the lock, the Gateway (GWE) hub, and the access control unit.

Required. You must be an Org Admin to perform this integration. If you are not an Org Admin, contact an Org Admin to be granted this role or for them to configure in Command. Learn more about Roles and Permissions in Command.

Before you begin

You will need the following hardware

  • AC12/AC41/AC42 (referred to as ACU)

  • ENGAGE wireless lock series NDEB, LE, LEB


Note: The AC62 does not support wireless locks.

What you need to know

  • This integration supports the NDEB, LE, and LEB lock series that wirelessly connect to a GWE hub.

  • NDE locks are not supported; they are outdated and use old Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standards.

  • Verkada's integration supports both online and offline modes with the Schlage locks. For offline integration, see ENGAGE Wireless Lock Offline Integration.

  • While in Schlage mode, the ACU cannot control traditional wired doors.

  • The ACU can control up to 16 wireless locks.

  • Each ACU door port can only supply power for 1 GWE Hub

  • Verkada recommends 4 locks per GWE hub to help ensure strong & consistent BLTE communication between the hub & locks.

Note: You cannot use Engage Series Wireless Locks or AD Series Wireless Locks and Verkada Readers in the same installation.

For details and more information about how to set up ENGAGE locks or set up a GWE hub, refer to Schlage Resources.

Understand wiring scenarios

Recommendation. Always factory-reset all devices prior to setup.

Wire the GWE hub to the ACU

+ > ACP DC power input +

- > ACP DC power input -

A > TX-

B > RX+

How to wire the GWE RS-485

  • For AC41 integrations, wire the GWE hub to the RS-485 inputs on the AUX cassette.

  • For AC42 integrations, wire the GWE hub to the RS-485 inputs on Door 1.

  • For AC12 integrations, wire the GWE hub to the RS-485 inputs on Reader 1.

Wiring more than 1 GWE Hub to an ACU

Required. ACU cannot support daisy chaining power for multiple GWE hubs, but does require data to be in parallel or daisy chained.

  • Can wire up to 4 GWE Hubs per ACU.

  • Each Hub must be powered individually.

    • For AC41/42, can draw power from other door ports or an external power supply for each additional GWE Hub.

    • For AC12, external power supplies are required for each additional GWE Hub.

  • Data Wires (A&B) must all be wired in parallel or daisy chained to AUX/Door 1 RS-485 inputs.

For more details, see the Set up the GWE hub resources (below).

Set up the online integration

Required. You must be an Org Admin to perform this integration. If you are not an admin, contact an Org Admin to be granted this role. Learn more about Roles and Permissions for Command and Roles and Permissions for Access Control.

Set up the Allegion ENGAGE site for integration

  1. Log in to the organization that you want to install the lock(s) in.

  2. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Access. You must have at least 1 access controller in your account to see the Access tab.

  3. At the top right, click Manage Sites.

    • If the site that you want to add ENGAGE wireless locks to does not exist, click Add to create it. If it does exist, click Settings.

    • If you can see the site, but not the settings, it means you're not a Site Admin for the given site. Click Admins to make yourself a Site Admin and add yourself.

  4. On Settings > Create Allegion Site, click Create Site.

    1. If someone in your org has not already created a matching site in the app: on Settings > Create Allegion Site, click Create Site.

    2. If someone else in your organization has already created this site, you will see Invite instead. Click this button to invite yourself as a Manager of the ENGAGE site.

  5. You should receive an email prompting you to accept the invite and log in to Allegion using your existing credentials, or create new credentials.

    Important: There is no way to resend this invite. If you did not receive the email, the only way to move forward is to delete and re-create the site in Command.

  6. Download the ENGAGE app from the iOS or Android app store and sign in with the same credentials.

  7. You should see an ENGAGE site with the same name as your Verkada site. Select the site in the app to add devices to that site.

  8. Next to site name, click the i (information) icon to verify that the Host Settings server is

  9. Go to the Devices tab.

    1. At the top right, click the plus (+) symbol to begin adding ENGAGE devices.

    2. Verify that the GWE hub’s status LED is solid RED 🔴 in color. This indicates that the GWE hub is ready to be commissioned through the app.

    3. Select the Gateway (GWE) option.

  10. Add device name, choose RSI Gateway Communication Mode, and configure the addresses for the hub, low door, and high door.

    1. Ensure that the door addresses do not overlap with other door addresses. The low door address can be the same as the hub address; for example, if you have multiple hubs 0 and 1, their door ranges should be consecutive: hub 0 has doors from 0 to 9 and hub 1 has doors from 10 to 19.

    2. Make sure there is a 10-unit difference between the low door and high door.

  11. Add your lock to the app.

    1. While the lock is in factory default state, navigate to the site and click the plus (+) symbol to add another device.

    2. Select NDE or LE, depending on lock type.

  12. Turn the interior door handle, release it after 1–2 seconds, tap Next in the app, and follow the prompts to configure the door.

  13. Pair the lock to the hub and configure the lock address.

Add access control unit and locks to Command

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Devices.

  2. Click Add Device.

  3. Type your ACU serial number and click Add 1 Device.

  4. From the unassigned devices list, click the new access controller and click Set Up.

  5. On Setup:

    1. Ensure that the ACU is in Schlage device mode.

    2. Ensure that a site, building, and floor are assigned.

  6. Navigate to the access controller and click Add Door to configure a lock.

  7. Select the NDEB/LE/LEB door type. Contact Verkada Support if this door type does not appear.

  8. Enter the corresponding GWE hub address and lock address you configured in the ENGAGE app.

  9. Provide a name for the door, configure sites, settings, and so on.

  10. Try a card credential on the lock and refresh Command, should see the door as connected and battery status.

Note: If the lock does not appear online, try waiting a few minutes for the services to sync and refresh Command or retry card credentials on the lock.

Schlage resources

Set up the ENGAGE lock

Set up the GWE hub

Need more help? Contact Verkada Support

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