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Bells Setup for Verkada Guest
Bells Setup for Verkada Guest
Setting up the Bell Guest Type for Verkada Guest.
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Bells are a useful feature for Verkada Guest, that allow you to configure a Guest Type that just sends a notification without requiring the user go through a full check-in process. This is handy for use cases such as a delivery driver dropping off a package.

Configuring a Bell for your Guest Site

To configure a bell for your guest site you will need to browse to the sites settings. This can be found by browsing to Guest from the All Products menu.

From here select the Guest Settings gear shown on the left-hand side of Command.

Next, select Sites at the top of the page and then select the Guest site that you would like to configure a Bell for using the dropdown that will appear.

After selecting the correct Guest site, select Manage Guest Types

Select the + Add Guest Type icon on the right-hand side and then select the Bell option from the dropdown.

After selecting that option, you will be presented with a new menu that will allow you to configure the various options for your new Bell.

Configuring your Bell

Label this bell

Allows you to set the name of the bell that will appear on your Guest tablet. Make it clear and instructive to ensure the correct option is pushed if there are multiple.

Notify Contacts

Allows you to configure contacts that should receive a notification when the bell is pushed. Contacts can be added by searching for existing contacts' names, or by entering an email address or phone number including country code (ex. +15558675309).

Display Message

Allows you to enter a message that wil be displayed on the screen after the button is pressed.

Additional Actions

Allows you to configure additional actions that a user pressing the button may have to take.

  • Who is this for?

    • Requires the user pushing the button to search for and select one of the hosts for that Guest site. That host will also receive a notification regardless of whether they were previously configured in the Notify Contacts section.

  • Take a photo

    • Requires the user pushing the button to take a photo using the tablet. Useful for proof of delivery.

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