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Integrate Clever with Verkada Guest
Integrate Clever with Verkada Guest

Set up a seamless integration between Verkada Guest and Clever

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Clever is a popular Identity Provider (IdP) used by school admins, teachers, and students. Verkada Guest features an integration with Clever that allows you to sync your student roster and information across the 2 products. This allows use of Student Guest types, which include the following:

  • Late Arrival (tracking students who arrive to school late)

  • Student Pick Up (tracking when a student is picked up by their parent/guardian)

  • Self sign-out (tracking when a student leaves school early)

Provision Clever to sync with Verkada Guest

  1. On your Clever account, navigate to the Clever Dashboard > Applications > Add Applications page.

  2. Search for "Verkada Guest".

  3. Click Request App > Request Applications.
    Verkada then receives your request and notifies you when the request is approved.

  4. Once approved, go to your Clever account and share roster information with Guest. Guest requires only parent and student information from Clever for the Sites you want to integrate.

  5. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Guest.

  6. In the left panel, click the Guest Settings icon.

  7. Under Organization, select Schools to access the school settings.

  8. Select the Sync students with Clever option.

  9. When prompted, enter your school's district ID number.

  10. Assign a school from Clever to a specific site in Verkada Guest. This links the school and the Guest site.

Note: It can take up to 24 hrs for requests made for the Verkada Guest app from Clever to be approved.

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