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Verkada Command System Requirements
Verkada Command System Requirements

Learn about requirements and supported browsers for Verkada Command

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You can use Verkada Command to interact with and monitor all of your Verkada devices. Command allows the ability to review video from cameras, monitor alarms and device events, configure your devices, and administrate your organization.

Guidelines for using Verkada Command

To make sure your use of Verkada Command is secure and efficient, there are certain minimum system requirements and recommendations to consider and to ensure an optimal experience with Verkada Command.

Recommendation. We recommend regularly checking to make sure your setup meets or exceeds all of these criteria.

Recommended compatible browsers

Command is compatible with the latest versions of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

Note: Other browsers might be able to load Command fully or partially, but this is the list of recommended browsers for an optimal experience.

Recommended compatible operating systems

  • Windows: Windows 7 or later

  • Mac: MacOS 10.12 (Monterrey) or later

Note: For newer Apple Mac models using the M series processors, all will be compatible with Command.

Required endpoints and ports

To allow Command to load from a computer, you should allowlist the parent domain * for TCP port 443 in any filtering device between the computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

We recommend allowlisting these domains:

For logging purposes, which help us improve the Command experience, we recommend allowlisting these domains:


Note: Verkada devices have their own set of required network settings, and certain functions in Command, such as local streaming require communication between the computer and the Verkada device.

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